Twig stoves: why?

Travellers, hikers, and military personnel often prefer to use compact gas stoves. They are easy to use, affordable, and can boil your litre of water just in a few minutes. We love them and have offered them in our web store since the very beginning of our business. Many outdoor enthusiasts don’t know anything about twig stoves or have never tried them. The first advantage is, of course, compactness. Disassembled, these are several metal sheets that can be in your pocket. And it does not matter – this pocket is in a backpack or your pants. Of course, gas burners are also light and compact, but they cannot boast of a plane less than a centimetre, and a gas cylinder can be very voluminous. Such a twig stove burns small branches. If you are somewhere in the forest area, you will always have fuel. Regardless of location, you are not required to cut down the tree, but you can use small branches or wood and bark, collecting that as well from the dead or fallen trees. And for guaranteed kindling, you can prepare your fire-starting lumber at home. That will weigh almost nothing! Moreover, it may be enough to heat water or food in small quantities for one cooking time. That stove is the most sustainable! You don’t need to recycle your metal gas cylinder, and you are not talking about carrying that back home empty. And also, if your gas runs out somewhere in the middle of a forest picnic, you will have nowhere to get gas. The twig stove may replace your campfire and help you not leave any traces in nature. Even if you get in an extreme situation with cold and humid weather, your twig stove will help you start your fire and dry bigger logs to have a good heat source! Check out our Savotta stoves and order yours immediately!