How to find us

Our address is Madara 25, Tallinn. 

The nearest public transport stations are:

  • Ristiku (Trolley 1, 4, 5; Buses 22, 41, 41B, 43, 66)
  • Ülase (Trolley 4; Buses 32, 48, 72)
  • Taksopark (Kristiine keskus) 

Please check the map for an exact location:

That is our office building. You can park your car nearby if there is enough free space. The parking is free. Please follow the arrow and find the correct entrance. 

Please call optimus using the intercom and wait for the answer.

After the door is opened, please follow the marks and go to the third floor using the nearest stairs. 

We will be waiting for you there! See you!