A Morakniv is always made in Mora

Morakniv’s range includes a large number of different knife models, all of them made in Mora under strict control. There are knives for the woodcraft project, weekend dinner, and outdoor adventure. Every blade contains carefully chosen characteristics that make it as useful a working tool as possible in its optimal environment. We hope you find one that you like, whatever requirements you have of your knife.


Everything started with craftsmen’s knives. Ever since the beginning, they’ve made knives for work purposes, whether on the farm, for building or carpentry. The thing all our craft knives have in common is that they perform to the highest quality in all situations, and they’re reliable tools for true professionals.


Outdoor recreation users with stringent demands, who make an active choice of brand and product, know that Morakniv stands for high quality, sharpness, a long lifetime, and attractive design. Naturally, in combination with a feeling for the genuine and authentic. The belief that a knife suits you just entirely is just as crucial as its function. Among our outdoor and adventure knives, there’s everything from the founding model Companion to the survival master Garberg.


For a long time, Morakniv has been making knives for the professional food industry under the Frosts brand. They’ve taken that experience and knowledge with them into the restaurant and home kitchen. The kitchen knives in the Classic 1891 range, as well as their steak knives, make for sharp and beautiful additions to the kitchen environment.

A knife for everyone

In the beginning, blades were made in Mora for use in work or on the farm. That’s how it all started – in the craftsmen’s knives that the people of Mora used day in, day out, and that spread within and beyond Sweden’s borders. Still today, people associate the classic red craftsman’s knife with Morakniv. Now though, Morakniv has so much more to offer. In addition to the traditional knives, they have knives for building, crafts, the kitchen, food industry, and outdoor recreation. Under two brands, Morakniv and Frosts, they bring together a broad range of knives for all imaginable occasions.

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